Traffic Violations

Simply paying off a traffic ticket means you are pleading guilty to the original offense(s) with which you were charged, and may result in damage to your driving record, higher insurance rates, harsher penalties for future offenses, and possibly even the suspension of your privilege to drive.  Our attorneys routinely assist clients in Yadkin, Surry, Wilkes, and Alleghany counties with a wide variety of traffic violations.  Many traffics cases can be handled by our attorneys on your behalf without the need for you to appear in Court.  Often times, we are able to negotiate a reduction in your original charge(s) to minimize, or even eliminate, the impact on your license and insurance.  Our attorneys are also well versed in navigating the pitfalls surrounding a suspension of your privilege to drive and have assisted many clients in obtaining a privilege to drive during periods of suspension.  Do not let the unforeseen consequences of paying off a seemingly routine traffic ticket snowball on you; contact one of our experienced attorneys today.