Intellectual Property Law

One of the most valuable assets that a business has is its trademark.  It is the identifying feature used to connect the quality products and services that your business delivers to the consumer as they make a purchasing decision. The success of your business can hinge on the effectiveness of legal counsel in protecting its corporate intellectual property.

A properly secured trademark is one of the most basic and essential ways to avoid future problems, including other entities claiming prior rights to the mark or the realization that your trademark has no value in keeping others from using it.  This is just one area in which you benefit from having an experienced trademark attorney.

Companies must protect intellectual property from a variety of potential challenges, including competitors, their dealings with employees, vendors, and partners.  In protecting the intellectual property of our clients, Finger, Roemer, Brown & Mariani, L.L.P., Henry Roemer has built considerable experience in the drafting, review, and negotiation of various intellectual property-focused licensing and acquisition agreements, as well as confidentiality, non-disclosure, and employment agreement sections related to protection of intellectual property.

Finger, Roemer, Brown & Mariani, L.L.P. also routinely files trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and assists clients in responding to Office Actions from the USPTO.  Regarding enforcement, we also help our clients in sending and responding to cease-and-desist letters related to trademarks and copyrights.  Whether small or large, your company can rely on our firm to handle your intellectual property law needs.